I travel a lot during the summer months. I meet women here and there. I am asked to call and study with this woman or that woman via referral from their close friend or family member.

In the end, I usually find myself with a list of women that I text or call when a face dances across my mind or a name is whispered on my heart.

As the list grew I wondered…how in the world will I keep up with these women until they are no longer in need of my presence in their lives….

Double-Dog Dare by Dana Pittman

I prayed. I prayed. I prayed.

Then I started a rotation of text messages. I had reminders in my phone. I keep notes in my prayer journal. I prayed and prayed until I receive a call or text saying…”Dana, I have a praise report.”

For some women our walk lasts years, while others last for weeks. Each woman and situation differs but my role is the same.

I stand, I kneel, I pray, I cry, I praise, I squeeze hands, I hug, I love and love and love until it’s time for me to exit her life.

It’s exciting. It’s thrilling. It’s heartbreaking.

I see women’s wings clipped. I’ve seen wings repaired.

I’ve seen babies come. I’ve seen babies go.

This is my role as a Spiritual Midwife.

I asked God…why…why a Spiritual Midwife? I knew what a midwife did, generally, but a Spiritual Midwife…no clue.

However, my spirit would not let me be. It popped up during sermons. It hummed in my ears during conversations. I heard it in my sleep. And with it usually came the face of a woman that had come and gone.

It wasn’t until I read a single scripture written by Apostle Paul in Philippians where he called the people in Phillippi “my joy and crown”.

I paused and realized the evidence of the work God had for me resided in these women. They were the fruit and evidence of the gifts God has placed in me. They, every single one of them, are my joy and crown. Because at the very core of our relationship is Him.

Nothing more…nothing less.

Journey with me as I attempt to share something so personal…so intimate…publicly. I will not divulge personal details however I will always encourage you to be the light Christ created you to be.


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