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I can think of three questions I get often, especially after a workshop or retreat. They are:

  1. What is a spiritual midwife?
  2. How do I get started writing a book?
  3. What type of clients do I coach?

Dana Pittman | Women Ready for Change | Christian Life Coach

I answered #1 in an old post. I have plans to update it but the response is still accurate. You can find it here.

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I know… I know… Get to the answer already. 

Pushy… Pushy. 😉

What type of clients do I coach?

I work with women ready to change their lives. These women are ready to accept responsibility for their choices and prepared to take a new path. These women are ready to commit to their growth and seek to be closer in relationship with God.

These women also desire to be present at home and in their chosen professions. These women do not make excuses and they show up for themselves and others. They are ready to do the work to experience the life they desire. And they are prepared to invest in making it happen.

These women may seek to have coaching to address life challenges or many are ready to seek coaching to express their work in a tangible way (i.e., writing, ministry, business, coaching others, etc.).

My ideal client is ready to live a life consistent with scripture and is prepared to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. And she is ready to commit to the time and effort it may take to do it.

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