I love to express myself through writing. But lately our love is experiencing a bump…it’s being tested…

Activate Your Faith by Dana Pittman

This week I started the Great Writers challenge. I love a good challenge. However, I have a bad habit of selecting challenges that are not really a challenge.

I know…I know, please don’t judge me. I’m with friends here. Right?

With you, I believe I can keep it real–meaning we will be honest with one another.

Where was I? …. Oh yeah, challenges.

The Challenge

There is something about knowing I can achieve the challenge that entices me more than the actual challenge itself. I recognized this about myself last year and determined in 2012 I would move from this space—a space of personal comfort instead of personal growth.

It is now June. We are halfway through the year and I find myself wondering …what were you thinking lady?!

I am stretching, pulling, and molding myself. I love the results. But I am so uncomfortable with the process.

Looking for a Good Excuse

So, this morning for the Great Writers challenge I woke two hours early to write. My alarm interrupted my deep slumber at 3:30 am.

**I’ll pause and let that settle in. **

I literally crawled out of bed. This is only the second day of rising early. But my brain is wondering, yet again, what are you thinking lady?!

At 3:30 am I have not one answer.

My brain wants to gravitate toward a good excuse.

Uhm…I’m tired.  

Uhh…my alarm clock wasn’t set.

Err…I’ll do it later.

However, upon deciding my dreams were bigger than my buts I get up and sit my butt in my chair.

My Breakthrough

Sitting in my chair, I take in my surroundings. My book outline is in front of me. I have my purpose written nearby to motivate me. I am alone. The house is quiet, except for the sound of the coffeemaker. My document is blank.

No one would know if I take a little nap. I could always start later. But I would know.

I prayed and prayed for doors to open. I prayed for opportunities to be revealed. Therefore, napping, to me, would be like saying…”God, hold that thought. Give me 10.”

It would be like me sliding out of service before the sermon.

It would be like me sleeping on all the people that have said “We believe in you Dana.”

Activating My Faith

I asked. I believed. He answered.

I am being handed my dream. But I’ll have to work for it.


“Activate your faith in God for breakthroughs
in your life by becoming a breakthrough for
somebody else.” – Unknown



I wanted to cry out in praise. I thanked Him. I grabbed my coffee, positioned my fingers over my keyboard, and activated my faith.


Question: How do you plan to activate your faith today?

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