I knew after starting the book that I wanted to recreate my platform. This week I shared my review of PLATFORM but I did not share my experience.

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Daily I spend most of my working hours assisting authors, publishers, ministry leaders and small business owners. Looking at the list it may seem random. But it’s not.

They all have a dream. They have a message or product they want to share. I have been  fulfilled merely assisting them in reaching their audience. Not anymore…

I need to share my message. I want continue to increase the territory of others while embracing my dream…my purpose.

Mini-Moments of Clarity

Many years ago I started experiencing mini-moments of clarity. Those moments gave light to a new step or direction I should take to nurture my purpose within me. Those moments wrapped in a conversation, reading a book, having an idea while running brought me to this place.

However, I have abused those moments. I have spent my life waiting on them to happen again. I am waiting for someone to pick mepick me. I’m the kid on the sideline pretending I don’t care when the truth is…I do.

I care…that I have this burning desire to clothe people in an authentic experience.

I care…that I have books (yes, plural) waiting to have their shot in the limelight.

I care…that I too have something to say…

Yet, I’m still waiting screaming internally…pick mepick me.

No more.

Time for a Change

I read PLATFORM initially because it was needed to review the book. I did not realize that it was a pray answered. I merely thought it would be a good read in preparation for She Speaks.

As I read, nearly every excuse I’ve made became just that…an excuse. Michael asked one question…“Are you prepared to take full personal responsibility for building your own platform…?”

My initial response…”Michael, dude, we are really getting off to a bad start here!”

Who wants to read get off your butt and get busy?

I mean, he didn’t say those words but everything in me said…get off your but and get busy.

But…I have so many responsibilities already…

But…my days are already full with clients, kids, hubby, laundry, cooking…need I continue?

But…I am helping…

But…later, later, I’ll do it…



But… Fill in the blanks. I have a million and honestly, it’s not acceptable.


Because not one of these “buts” could quiet this longing within me. It has become a constant thought.

My dreams don’t give a hoot about my buts.

Now what? I am writing my dreams down. I plan to share a weekly update here on my blog. I will let you into my thoughts, my successes, my failures and, hopefully, the relief of letting my dream out.

She (my dream) is kicking and screaming…pick mepick me. I think it’s time I pay attention.


Question: What is stopping you from experiencing your dream?

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