Five Minute Friday is back! After taking a brief break at the end of the year I’m ready to have my five minutes of free-flowing from my oh-so creative brain straight to you.

Jump by Dana Pittman

Today’s Topic: Dive.



Do you have a dream tucked away? A dream that is always quietly present anxiously awaiting its time in the spotlight?

I do. As a matter of fact, a couple are part of one-big-mastermind…mega…so bright that we’ll need shades…kind of dream.

For a few months it has been jumping up-and-down in my gut, antsy, ready for a chance. An uninhibited chance to have my undivided attention.

What does this have to do with “Dive”?


You see, it’s time to dive in. Stop worrying. Don’t be scared. Put on your big-girl panties (LOL!). And let your deepest dreams turn into goals and then into reality.

Are you ready? Grab your gear. It’s time to jump.



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5 Minute Friday

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