I recently made some changes to my Facebook Page and I deleted my Facebook profile.

I Deleted My Facebook Profile by Dana Pittman

I am a fan of Facebook. I like the interaction in the groups. I have found family members, friends from high school and connected with clients.

However, my personal profile became a mess. I had family, friends, clients, and others all lump together. It made it difficult to interact with people. It also made it not so fun.


Well, if my family had a great day out and about I’d love to snap a picture and post on Facebook. I have family members who love to see pictures of my kids growing up. Facebook saves time since I post once and everyone can view the picture.

However, my profile also included clients and patrons from events. And with pre-teens, I did not want to post their pictures for obvious reasons like their privacy and safety.

So, after interacting with others on Facebook I decided to change my personal profile to a new Fan Page.

You Deleted Your Profile?

To make the change it deleted my profile including pictures, posts, nearly everything except my friends. They all moved to my Fan Page.

I’m sure some people will fall off and others will join. I also really hate I don’t have my old posts and pictures. However, I believe it’s best to have my Fan Page to interact with everyone and leave my future personal profile to family and close friends only.


Question: How do you determine what content to share on social media locations like Facebook and Twitter?


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