Friday, again. But not just any Friday. Oh no.

This is a special Friday. The Friday that move mothers around the world get excited about. **wink**

Today is the last Friday of “summer” for us.

Yeah! Oh yeah!

Five Minute Friday: Hug Anyone? by Dana Pittman

Photo Credit Berkeley Robinson.

As a homeschooling household, summers are fun but way too much activity. The kids had camps. We traveled. Many of my speaking engagements are held during the summer and fall, which adds more activity.

Activity. Activity. Activity.

Which means very little sleep. (smile)

Enough of that because now with the new school year our activity will shift from fun fun to fun and learning. But our first challenge is getting the kids back into our “normal” routine.

Pray for us and all the children and families preparing for the new school year. Pray for the educators charged with igniting their love of learning. Pray for the youth ministry leaders that they are driven to share God’s love and gospel with our children (who are His children too). Amen.

Well, I’ve ramble beyond my normal Five Minute Friday set up. I wanted to share it. But I’m also a little nervous about what today’s topic stirs up for me. I guess we’ll see what I can do with 5 minutes.

Today’s topic: Join.

Timer set.


Have you ever opened your arms to give a great big super-size you are going to absolutely love this kind of hug?

Yes I did put that in one sentence minus the appropriate punctuation but I think you can see why…where would the fun in life be when you can’t throw caution to the wind and jump?

Oh no, I did it again. (smile)

Back to the hug. Have you ever done that and had your display of affection declined? Pushed to the side? Not returned?

I believe it is a small reflection of what it means to start a new ministry or business. To start your own blog.

You are opening your arms wide and saying “I want to share a piece of me”. But when you look around and hear crickets you feel the sting of rejection.

The “I don’t want your hug” brush off and no matter how we look on the brightside like…at least I’m following my dream…

It stings. It hurts.

Asking others to join us is a wonderful opportunity to live life in community. To grow and learn.

But it also invites rejection, criticism, and doubt.


This five minute challenge is difficult. But I’ll stop and ask you this….

Question: Have you experience rejection concerning a new venture? If so, how did you handle it? Do you have advice to share? Please add your comments below.


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