The coffee is brewing and with my late start I hear the sounds of movement in my house as the kids (and dog) breath life into the house.

I plan to jump in to Five Minute Friday pre-coffee. (smile)

Grasp by Dana Pittman


The topic: GRASP.

Wish me luck….


I see it. Off in the distance. Near the horizon.

Naturally I increase my pace. Left, right, left, right.

Huff, huff, huff, huff.

I swing my arms lightly letting the wind restyle my curly coils. I feel it dry the drops of moisture from my skin.

I am running to get it.

But every morning I have the same intention with no such luck.

It seems in my grasp yet my hands are still empty.

I'm not even close enough to clutch it and whine like a 2 year-old…"this is mine".

Because although I see it…I feel it…I want it…its not mine.

Its not close enough.

Its not within reach.

Its not in my grasp.

Until then I will keep rising early and meeting its teasing head on.

The teasing rings loud and clear…"if you want me, come get me."

And I am gutsy enough to say "You're on!"


Question: What in your life seems doable but not quite in your grasp? Share in the comments.


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