We are starting the fifth of our reading. 5 weeks of reading…can you believe it?

Today's check in post I will share another quick tip. Let's get started…

Create in Me a Clean Heart by Dana Pittman

David prayed:

"Create in me a clean heart, O God.
Renew a loyal spirit within me."
Psalm 51:10

Reading in the NLT has been wonderful. Especially as we encounter David. We see his life unfold then in the next few pages we see his cries to the Lord.

It made me think about this journey for us all.

Reading God's word helps in creating a clean heart. Our hearts are to reach out to Him but we know this is not a natural response for men and women. Because the word states every inclination of a man's heart is toward evil. (Read more.)

How do we countact this pull?

Reading the word and spending time with Him. This is what I love about reading the bible in 90 Days. Which leads me to another tip for our check in post.


That's it. Merely read.

I honestly do not care if it takes you 90 days, 91 days, 120 days, one year. I've had mentees not complete the reading in 90 days. I understand life presents unpredictable difficulties. We have kids, spouses, other obligations.

However, I want us to agree to read. Read every day. Some days we will complete the assigned reading other days we won't. Our agreement to read means whether it's 5 minutes or 1 hour you will read every day.

Now, I'm cheering us all on to complete the entire bible cover to cover in 90 days. I pray you all will experience the excitement balled up in having such an accomplishment. But in the meantime, agree to read daily.

Agree that every day you will seek to sit at His feet and read His word.


Question: Agreed?


* * * * * * * * * *

Monday Check-Ins

Bible in 90 Days with Dana Pittman (Fall 2012)

For my mentees Mondays post will be our check in posts. Let me know how things are going.

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