It’s Friday. I’m a little sluggish this morning. I have my tea and my timer is set.

The topic for 5 Minute Friday: Story.

You know the drill….

5 Minutes

No editing

On topic (although I tend to go left on this one)

Here I go….

Five Minute Friday: Courage by Dana-Pittman



I read the prompt and I had to suppress a gasp. Story…

In my quiet time I’m reading through Acts.

And for some reason I’ve been stuck there for a while.

I keep reading Paul’s story over and over and over.

It’s amazing to me.

It has me thinking about my story, my walk.

Am I as bold…

Do I exhibit his courage…

Will my life be changed to the degree that I’m not the old me any more?

Then I recall that my walk is uniquely mine.

That I am special.



The apple of His eye.

But I dare not hide behind His adoration without sharing this precious gift with the world.

My mind circles back to…

Am I bold…

Am I courageous…

Am I ….




Question: Do you go about your work with boldness and/or courage? Tell me about it.


* * * * * * * * * * *

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