It's Friday.

I have a lingering cold but all in all I feel great. I went for a run this morning and althought I'm starting late, I'm ready for my Friday morning favorite: Five Minute Friday.

Today's prompt is: Connect.

Let's see what my mind and fingers can produce in…5 minutes.


Five Minute Friday: Connect the Dots by Dana Pittman


I never was one for playing games. Even as a child. But I always loved to read and research. I'm naturally noisy…if that's such a thing. And although I'm not one for playing games I love puzzles type paper games. Color by the numbers. Suduko. Connect the dots.

Connect the dots was always fun. My appreciation for the revealing of the secret picture has grown.

A few years ago I realized God is the best at playing connected the dots. Why?

Think about some of your crazy life experiences. People. Places. Things.

Think about how at the time they may have seemed so random.

But how do you think of them now? Do they still seem so random?

I would even go so far as to say I bet some of those "random" occurrences became significant moments in your life.

Connecting the dots.

You see, God can use what we deem as random to bring about His very wonderful desire and plans for our life.

He can connect those people, places, things and make a wonderful masterpiece that you'll call…LIFE.

Now as I watch the time dwindle I wonder…Lord how will you connect this sitatuion to honor Your will for my life.


Question: Can you recall a moment that seemed "random" at the time only to later realize it ushered in a signifcant change in your life? Share your comment below.


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5 Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday with Dana Pittman

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