We exist on a pretty tight budget. We don’t complain or grumble because we knew things would change once we decided to homeschool our children. We went from two full-time incomes to one. Then last year my husband left his job and now we are fully self-employed.

Our budget went from tight to nearly rubbing pennies. However, having the opportunity to homeschool our children is worth it. Doing the work God called us to is worth it.

Devotional Written by Dana Pittman on Encouragement Cafe

But life sometimes throws us curve balls. The kids still enjoy extracurricular activities…money. Gas prices increased…money. Groceries are at an all time high…more money.

I found myself thinking money…money…money. When is it coming? Where is it going? Do we have enough?

This is how mental clutter manifests itself. It is a single thought or several that take hold of us and multiple.

Do you remember the Gremlins movie?

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