I’m pulling an early morning writing session. There’s a busy day ahead but what would Friday be without a Five Minute Friday post.

Love Changes Things by Dana Pittman


Today’s Topic: Look.

Let’s see…I’m wondering what I’ll cook up in five minutes of unedited writing.



I can hear Jennifer Hudson, from Dream Girls, singing in my head. “Look…at…me, I am changing.’”

Who knew changing for the better would be so hard? So difficult?

If they would have told you “Girl, all hell is going to break loose.” Would you still have taken the plunge?

Tell me really.


Look at your last determination of “things have got to change”.

Or “I can’t live my life like this.”

Or “I want more.”

Or maybe “I deserve me.”

Or my favorite, "I want more of you."


What did you see in your life that made your heart yearn for change?

I am changin’.

Change is not change unless resistance is present. Actually, I sure it could be. But when you look at your greatest points of change I’m sure you’ll see your greatest battle.

Take a look at that scene again. Go ahead. Look at it.

Who were you then? And who are you now?

And has time revealed that your battle wounds and scares were worth the change?


Love Changes Things

Today’s Five Minute Friday comes during my 31 Days of Love. On first thought, I could not see the connection between this post and love. However, on second thought I see the link. How has love changed you? Grab your Love Journal. 😉


Question: How has love changed you?


This is Day 19 of a 31 Days of Love. Read all my posts. Learn more about 31 Days of…community. See you tomorrow.


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