Shattered: Part 8 (A Short Story) [Day 31]

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted...

Serafine could not believe it. Grammy did it. She heard every word. Every detail. She had spared no expense. No wonder she had pulled together a very diligent crew to encourage Serafine to relocate, permanently to Houston.

Shattered by Dana Pittman

Cooper walked her around the property that was so familiar yet new to her. The layout did not change but the structures had been updated. The cabins added. The central facility was new.

“I am in shock.”

Shattered: Part 7 (A Short Story) [Day 30]

...Miss Jo's preparations...

Serafine looked over the pond remembering her carefree days as a child. Grammy made sure she wanted for nothing. She was loved. She was cared for. But as she grew up that wasn’t enough. Her parents left a hole in her heart. And nothing Grammy did helped repair it, no matter how hard she tried.

Shattered by Dana Pittman

“Can I help you?”

Serafine turned around and her breathe caught. He looked familiar.

“No. This is my property so you are trespassing.”

Serafine quickly scanned the land and saw they were alone. She pulled her purse strap up her shoulder and slid her hand inside. She gripped the spray without breaking eye contact with the stranger.


Shattered: Part 6 (A Short Story) [Day 29] favorite book, tucked near my favorite passage...

…my favorite book, tucked near my favorite passage. Have fun!

Shattered by Dana Pittman

Serafine did not agree with Grammy and she told Rachel so as soon as she made it back to her car.

“I feel like Grammy is trying to make me lose what last bit of sense I have left.”

Rachel laughed.

“Well, she is creative, you have to give her that.” 

Shattered: Part 5 (A Short Story) [Day 27]

Grammy here I go...

Serafine gripped the steering wheel tightly, slowly rolling her hands back and forth. She was nervous.

Shattered by Dana Pittman

She ducked her head slightly to look up at the house. From the driveway she could see him waving at her from the front-door screen. Waving back, she reached for the door handle grabbing her purse from the passenger seat. Before pulling it onto her shoulder she checked to make sure the letter was inside. It was. And now to find the second clue.

“Grammy here I go,” she whispered looking up at the sky, “please keep the peace between us.” 

Shattered: Part 4 (A Short Story) [Day 24]

...I've been expecting you...

Serafine stared at her cellphone on the end table. She couldn’t recall the last time she’d spoke with her father. Actually she did. It was a few days after Grammy’s home-going service. He tried to talk with her, to comfort her. But she did not know how to accept his presence, let alone, his embrace.

Shattered by Dana Pittman

It was awkward.

Serafine shrugged. They had always had a strained relationship. He and her mother left her to live with Grammy and as far as she was concerned he did not exist. But the reality is, he did exist. And he had all of Grammy’s belongs, if he hadn’t sold them off.

Drugs tore her family apart.

“So what is Miss Jo talking about?” 

Shattered: Part 3 (A Short Story) [Day 17]

...I have explicit instructions from Miss Jo…

Rachel paused. Serafine stared at the letter. The music playing softly kept them from sitting total silence.

Shattered by Dana Pittman

“I have explicit instructions from Miss Jo…” Rachel said.

“Of course, she wouldn’t have it any other way,” Serafine said, tucking her legs beneath her but leaning closer to Rachel.

They smiled.

Rachel took a deep breath. “Okay, she told me to read this too you. But I couldn’t open until we were together.” 

Shattered: Part 2 (A Short Story) [Day 10]

“I am who I am.”

“Miss Jo, you were always something,” Rachel said.

Shattered by Dana Pittman

She surveyed the room knowing she had explicit instructions, which she planned to honor. Miss Jo had been gone for weeks but, as always, she knew Serafine. It amazed Rachel, yet she had no time to dwell on it. Her first task was to tidy up the living room while Serafine showered.

Rachel did not know where to begin. Standing in the center of a very spacious living room she could see most of the condo. She looked up at the dusty ceiling fan, knowingly she eyed the lamps. They too were dusty.

She had never seen Serafine’s place in such a disarray. She needed a clear space to place her purse and a cup of coffee. Then she glanced into the kitchen.

“Maybe not…” 

Abiding Furthers His Kingdom [Day 8]

I can’t believe I have blogged every single day for a week. I’m amazed. 🙂

Today, we will continue with our time in John 15:1-17.

I have to ask, am I the only one who thinks “abide” when you see “continue”? 😉 Let’s get to it.

The Passage

Read the passage: John 15:1-17 (ESV, NIV, and NLT). Pick one or all. You can also pull out your bible and read it.

Abiding in His Appointment

This passage ends with us reading the differences between servants, friends and disciples of Jesus.


  • Servants are not acquainted with the “things” Jesus makes available because they do not know their master’s business  (v 15).
  • Servants are acquainted with Jesus but are not personally familiar with who He is and what He is doing (v 15).
  • Servants may even be aware of His commands (v 14).


  • Friends know Jesus’ commands (v 14).
  • Friends follow Jesus’ command to love one another (v 12, 14).
  • Friends have access to everything Jesus learned from God (v 15).
  • Friends know what He is doing (v 15).


  • Disciples are friends with Jesus (v 14).
  • Disciples love others as Jesus loves (v 12, 14).
  • Disciples bear much fruit (v 16).
  • Disciples are chosen by Jesus (v 16).
  • Disciples are appointed to share the good news with others (v 16).
  • Disciples bear fruit and their fruit bears fruit (v 16).
  • Disciples bear fruit that will last (v 16).

Disciples continue in what Jesus has shared…His teachings, His life, His ministry, His love. Thus, they continue in His appointment, which ultimately furthers His kingdom.

The Wrap Up

Monday, which seems so long ago, we started on this quick, yet, hopefully, enlightening walk through John 15:1-17. Since, I have shared two key thoughts as to why you want to be a follower of Christ who is productive—one who is fruitful for the kingdom of God. They are as follows, and I will wrap it up with the final thought.

1. Followers of Jesus who abide in Him glorify God;

2. Followers of Jesus who abide in Him follow His example; and

3. Followers of Jesus who abide in Him further His kingdom.

That my friends is a wrap!

God bless.

Your Spiritual Midwife Dana Pittman

Consider this: I wrote with a broad stroke. There are other elements I could have focused on. Is there something in particular you have a question on or would like for me to consider for a future post?


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Abiding Follows His Example [Day 7]

I feel like my entire childhood was surrounded by this demeanor of “do as I say not as I do”.

I never got that.

I don’t want to do as you say… I want to do what you do!

What you do is what I see and has me intrigued.

What you do is what has my attention.

What you do is what is speaking much louder than what you say.

The person, sharing this wonderful advice, tells you this all while having the time of their life.

Living it up!

Or so it seems…

Then they tell you…”this is not the life you want to live…” And my brain is hearing “blah blah blah blah”, as I check out all the stuff I’m not supposed to do. But it appears they are having so much fun doing.

Again, I never got it. Probably never will.

Confusing, I know…

Have you ever experienced that, whether in childhood or as an adult? It is hard for the mind to digest how something can be acceptable enough to engage for one person yet the same behavior, attributes, lifestyle is undesirable for another.

I think it is natural for you to believe if its good for you than it is good for me.

We know this type of thinking is not true. Because we don’t always do what is right. And many times we let our sinful nature get the best of us.

Which brings us to today’s thought. Monday, I declared my intention to share three key thoughts from John 15:1-17 as to why you want to be a follower of Christ who is productive—one who is fruitful for the kingdom of God. The first key thought was our fruitfulness glorifies God. The second is: Abiding follows His example.

The Passage

Read the passage: John 15:1-17 (ESV, NIV, and NLT). Pick one or all. You can also pull out your bible and read it.

Abiding in His Love


I have experienced love and I believe I know what love is, through my relationship with Jesus.  I believe I show love to others.  And I have to say “believe” because somedays…

…many days…

#RealTalk … I get it all wrong.

And I am so thankful, grateful that Jesus does not say “do as I say not as I do”. Oh no, He says, do exactly as I do.

So for today, I want to focus on one thought, “Abide in my love.” (v 9).

Jesus in this portion of the passage is all but saying you have received love from me and I have receive it and learned from the best. Continue in it!

Now, this is where my brain is working hard to comprehend. He says “if you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love…” (v 10).

And when I keep His commandments I am abiding in His love (v 10).

And when I abide in Him, He abides in me (v 4).

And when He abides in me, I have joy (v 11).

And when He abides in me, He is making me fruitful (v 5). Causing me to bring glory to God (v 8).

This is utterly amazing!

I mean, I know this…right?! But I find a way to make something so simple so hard. He is saying…


Keep my commands…and I got the rest.

God loves Me. I love you. Now love others.

Keep this love thing going.  😉

Continue in it.

The Wrap Up

Follow His example.

Keep his commandments. And He is not commanding us to do anything He, Himself, has not already done. And He does it unselfishly because he wants us to experience the joy He has.

Lord’s will I’ll “see” you tomorrow where we’ll continue with Abiding in His Appointment.

God bless.

Your Spiritual Midwife Dana Pittman


P.S. I feel like this is an abrupt end because studying this passage I noticed something for the very first time, I believe. In this passage Jesus does not command us to love Him. No He says, do as I say. The love is there. I will love enough for the both of us. But when you do what I say it places in the very center of everything I have for you.

I am so blown away but His love for us. So I’ll just stop typing…and I will not delete this because I pray YOU know that we don’t need to figure it all out. We just have to be true followers and follow His lead.


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