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Today is my birthday. And it’s a major one. 40. A milestone.

I’ve been chewing on this thought of doing it big for a while. It’s somewhat like an inner mantra. When an idea surfaces and my skin starts to tingle and my heart rate kicks up a notch I whisper…go hard or go home.

Broken Available | Dana Pittman

But going hard is HARD.

Going hard is scary.

Going hard is lonely.

Very few people will tell you that. It’s one of the reasons I plan to blog more. So, overlook the errors, misspellings, and such. For my written words here is like a girlfriend chat, where my hands are everywhere and my eyes bulge.

Yeah, I’m that type of talker. When it gets good, girl it is GOOD.

Anyway back to going hard. I’m making a public declaration. This year, my 40th year will be about making moves that make me nervous, make me want to hit the “delete” post button. That make me want to be the best me.

Not perfect.

Just plain ole, loud talking, I’ll hug you to death, Dana.

With that said, TODAY, you can get Broken. You’ve seen it before as “Shattered”. It’s been revised and it’s the prequel to a series I’m writing.

Get ready to see me shake in my shoes while reaching for my dreams, in faith.

Take care my friends.

Broken by Dana Pittman

Serafine LeClaire was lost in a world of poor choices. 

Now grieving the loss of the one person she believes she can’t live without, Serafine thought she had more time to right her wrongs. But once again she was wrong.

Journey with Serafine as she learns to let go and embrace a new life of wonder and endless possibilities.

Broken is an Inspirational Short Story and the prequel to the Loving Ranch series. Read as Serafine uses her faith, gifts and scares to change the lives of others…and herself.

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Don’t Give Up!

...courage is a choice...

Persistence, for me, sometimes is like a shoe that is new and fits waaayyyyy too tight.

But you love the shoe. Why else did you buy it? You saw it in the store. You checked out your profile. You did a two-step before tossing them back in the box and promptly making your way to the register.

Don't Give Up! | Dana Pittman

Days or weeks later you discovered the perfect opportunity to pull out those shoes. You know, the ones worthy of a two-step in the store.

You put them on, looking super cute. You leave the house and enjoy the feel of knowing…knowing you look good girl!

Later that evening your feet are in total disagreement with your decision AND your cute shoes. LOL!

Don’t tell me I’m the only one. I have a couple of super cute but totally uncomfortable shoes. And YES I still wear them.



And I wear the shoe until eventually my desire and feet are in total agreement. Sometimes it means the shoes cooperate, by relaxing a little, and other times I gladly accept the consequences of sore feet.

What do tight shoes have to do with our purpose and our goals? I mean, that’s what I write about on this blog.

We have to persist in attaining our goals in life. The goals we have for our careers, our businesses, our families, our spouses, our soul.

Persistence is continuing on a course of action in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc. [Defined] Scripture gives us an even better picture:

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Galatians 6:9

[Read it for yourself.]

You see that tight shoe may look like a new job with unkind co-workers.

…or…a child expressing resistance to a family change

…or…marriage challenges calling you to pray like never before

…or…a dream that seems further away no matter how hard you pursue it


Last week I shared a quote from Steven Chambers, a friend and pastor. He said, “Persistence is what courage is made of.”

Courage is a choice. 

You have to choose to be persistent. You have to choose to put one foot in front of the other, in your too tight shoes, and keep taking steps…and persisting in your actions, your words, and your thoughts until you reach your desired destination.

Knowing that in due season….you will reap a harvest.

Don’t give up!

Question: What in your life is calling you to persist? To be courageous? Will you answer its call? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

17 Before 2017

I recently shared in my newsletter my desired to share more about what I do in hopes of encouraging each of you to pursue your vision…your purpose.

17 Before 2017 | Dana Pittman

Today I want to give you a sneak peek. This is my 17 Before 2017 list. I actually started on my tasks last month. The point is to create a list of tasks you’d like to accomplish before the year expires. 

Your Game Changer

...getting from where you are to your destiny...

Goals are your personalized treasure map. You identify your destination and sitting to determine your course of action is the sweet spot.

Writing | Dana Pittman

This time of year I spend several days reviewing the current year. I look at numbers and projects. I look at successes and areas I need to improve. And it seems like, the older I get the more I value this annual practice.

How are you ensuring a better tomorrow for yourself, family, career, and/or business?

Investing time in creating goals for yourself is invaluable.

What actions does realizing your dreams require?

Knowing the answer is truly the game changer. It will take you from spinning your wheels to gaining traction. And it is vital to setting your course between where you are and your destiny

Your vision is waiting. 😉

Are you a planner? Do you set regular goals for yourself? I’d love to read about it in the comments. 

You can leave a comment by clicking here.

My Ultimate Takeaway

Day 31 of 31 Days of Christian Thinking

It is Day 31!!!

31 Days of Christian Thinking | Dana Pittman

My Ultimate Takeaway…

I am empowered to control my thoughts. Therefore, my feelings cannot keep me captive, which means I always have the ability to make a God-honoring decision.

That is it, for now.

What’s Next

I did not write a full post for a full month. I am still writing other entries to 31 complete entries. For now, if you missed any of the entries view the entire month HERE.


What was your favorite post or takeaway? 

You can leave a comment by clicking here.


31 Days of Christian Thinking | Dana Pittman

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Don’t Stop

Day 25 of 31 Days of Christian Thinking

There is something about big goals. They excite you. You feel pumped. You feel like your time has finally arrived.

Don't Stop | 31 Days of Christian Thinking | Dana Pittman

They excite you.

You feel pumped.

You feel like your time has finally arrived.

But in the midst of it all you will struggle.

Comfort Zones Are Misleading

Can I please, pretty please, have a moment of silence?

I am officially blogging again.

…And the crowd goes…YAY!!!

Don’t give me that look. 

It is hard sitting, staring at a blinking cursor. Your desk covered in ideas but none will render enough clarity to warrant a blog post.


Now that I got that out of the way… :o) I want you to consider comfort zones.

Comfort Zone | Dana Pittman

What is your initial reaction? 

Book Review: The Miracle Morning

by Hal Elrod

I planned to write a book review today. The review is for a book I have found so helpful that I carry it in my pocket, purse, iPad…

The Miracle Morning Challenge with Dana Pittman

Well, that may be a little misleading since most of my books are in electronic form. But where this book differs is I have it highlighted, bookmarked and noted extensively.

Are You a Woman Ready to Change?

...reader question...

I can think of three questions I get often, especially after a workshop or retreat. They are:

  1. What is a spiritual midwife?
  2. How do I get started writing a book?
  3. What type of clients do I coach?

Dana Pittman | Women Ready for Change | Christian Life Coach

I answered #1 in an old post. I have plans to update it but the response is still accurate. You can find it here.

I plan to answer #2 in a future post. So stick around for my response. I can guarantee you won’t miss it if you’re subscribed to The Influencers Newsletter.

I know… I know… Get to the answer already. 

Let Go and Let God is the unknown that stops me...

I sat in the church on a hard wooden pew leaning as close to the rail as I could get, as if it would help me hear her better. She preached about Paul and his thorn.

Let Go and Let God |


I know a lot about them. Physical thorns, mental thorns…imposed thorns, self-imposed thorns. But as I tried to focus I couldn’t shake knowing Paul prayed three times for God to remove his thorn and each request was denied