Rusty Training Wheels

Rusty Training Wheels | Write 31 Days |

I’m rusty.  It’s probably not the best way to start this post, but it’s my truth.  I haven’t written a blog post in a really really long time. And I’m hoping this post will shake off my nerves and calibrate my brain towards blogging. I’m like that woman in...

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My Ultimate Takeaway

31 Days of Christian Thinking | Dana Pittman

It is Day 31!!! My Ultimate Takeaway… I am empowered to control my thoughts. Therefore, my feelings cannot keep me captive, which means I always have the ability to make a God-honoring decision. That is it, for now. What’s Next I did not write a full post for a...

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Don’t Stop

Don't Stop | 31 Days of Christian Thinking | Dana Pittman

There is something about big goals. They excite you. You feel pumped. You feel like your time has finally arrived. They excite you. You feel pumped. You feel like your time has finally arrived. But in the midst of it all you will struggle.

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Underdog | Dana Pittman

Have you ever felt like the underdog? The person people are NOT betting. The person overlooked. The person they expect to lose. How long have you been a member of my extended crew? 🙂 I call my family, my crew, my fam…my peeps! And I consider YOU part...

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Stop Playing Small

Stop Playing Small |

Do you have a ideal life you’ve imagined for yourself? It could be your dream job. The vision you hold for your business. The book you will write someday because you just know the story must be written and it must be written by you. What keeps your...

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Confidence Changes Everything

Confidence Changes Everything

This is a guest post from Dayna Bickham, my great co-collaborator on the Tandem Series on Confidence . You can read her blog and follow her on Twitter and Facebook. What happens when we misplace confidence? Ever put your trust in the wrong person?  What about a company? Living...

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