God-Honoring Thoughts

God-Honoring Thoughts | 31 Days of Christian Thinking | Dana Pittman

What we think is the center of everything. In this passage, the Apostle Paul was helping the Christians of Philippi, and us today, to address the nature of our thoughts. As I’m sure you would agree, not all “good” thoughts are worthy of praise and not all “bad” thoughts...

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Introduction: My Roadmap

31 Days of Christian Thinking | Dana Pittman

I sat behind the blinking cursor and the pressing thought is…”Dana are you going to do this the easy way or the hard way?” Urgh…. I told you short and sweet. I am going to try and stick with it. But I’m warning you it will be difficult...

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What’s Next?

Meditation of My Heart Series by Dana Pittman

After finishing the 31 Days challenge I needed a break but I’m back. I am studying a few more passages I had left from the challenge and a few other topics to share. For now expect at least a weekly post and more to come.    

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Shattered: Part 8 (A Short Story) [Day 31]

Shattered by Dana Pittman

Serafine could not believe it. Grammy did it. She heard every word. Every detail. She had spared no expense. No wonder she had pulled together a very diligent crew to encourage Serafine to relocate, permanently to Houston. Cooper walked her around the property that was so familiar yet...

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Shattered: Part 5 (A Short Story) [Day 27]

Shattered by Dana Pittman

Serafine gripped the steering wheel tightly, slowly rolling her hands back and forth. She was nervous. She ducked her head slightly to look up at the house. From the driveway she could see him waving at her from the front-door screen. Waving back, she reached for the door...

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He is Faithful

Day 26: He Is Faithful | DanaPittman.com

Have you ever had a moment when you were determined to encourage another and as the words exited you immediately knew it was meant for you to hear too? This happened to me today. As I see the end of the month nearing I’m excited but I realize...

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