Saturday’s Sister to Sister: Keep Putting to Practice

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“Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me…” – Apostle Paul


Are you putting into practice what you have learned? Are you putting to practice what you know to be true? Failing to do so means you have not fully embraced, nor accepted, the benefits of living your life as a daughter of the Most High. Putting to practice says “I know this to be true. And I will accept nothing less for my life.” Don’t attend class, yet fail to pass the test.

Saturday’s Sister to Sister: The Light Within YOU

Sister to Sister: Saturday Blog Hop with

“Our self-perception determines our behavior.” – Marianne Williamson

Enter your day knowing YOU are the daughter of the King–a princess. YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made–one of a kind. The Light within you gives you the power and ability to call that which is not as if it were–limitless. So, dear princess take this day by storm. May His will be done.

Saturday’s Sister to Sister: Share Your Love

Every Saturday I extend an invitation for you to share your love with others. I ask you to look through your blog posts from the last week and connect it with our sisters.

Today is no different. I'm inviting you to share a post from this week. Right here…


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Sister to Sister: Saturday Blog Hop with

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