I believe I’ve shared my love of reading blogs more than once. I will say it again. I love Blog Hops.

My love has prompted me to start one here…called Sister to Sister.


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I hope you’ll join me. Here’s the nuts and bolts:

What is a Blog Hop?

It’s where you go from blog to blog reading. Sometimes it’s on one topic and other days you’re merely sharing your thoughts for the day.


Sister to Sister will begin August 4, 2012. The blog hop will post Saturday mornings.


What should you share?

I’d love for you to share a post link from the week that you’d love to share with your sisters. It would be great to have a post with a scripture or quote meant to encourage one another. Thus, it could be a devotion, a graphic post, and anything you’ve written in the past week meant to offer encouragement to women.


How you can join us…

1. Write your post and grab the direct link (or permalink).

2. Visit my blog for the Saturday post.

3. Add the link to your post and invite others to join us.

4. Visit the link of the person before you. Offer her encouragement via a comment. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. 🙂

Sister to Sister…

I would love to read your words of encouragement, love, support. Please consider adding this button to your post or sidebar.

Option 1: Copy the Code

<a href=”/sister-to-sister/” target=”_blank”><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/dana-pittman_sister-to-sister_saturday-blog-hop.jpg ” title=”Sister to Sister Blog Hop with DanaPittman.com” width=”166″ height=”250″ /></a>


Option 2: Save and Link Image

1. Right click over the button.

2. Save the image.

3. Link to: /sister-to-sister or www.danapittman.com.


My heart’s desire…

My heart’s desire with this weekly offering is to encourage and receive encouragement from others. I think it would be kind of cool to sit on Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee and read your posts before diving into this wonderful thing called…life!

I hope to visit your Sister to Sister post and that you’ll invite others to join us.




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