How awesome are YOU? Words can’t describe. What a wonderful week of blogging and sharing. Today will be short and sweet…

Did you know bloggers love comments? We do.

Show Some Love...Leave a Comment | Dana Pittman

Here’s a few reasons why….

  • Your comments encourage us.
  • Your comments say…”I’m here!”
  • Your comments provide inspiration.
  • Your comments let us know when we’ve hit the mark (or missed it sometimes).
  • Your comments make sitting at the computer plugging away a little easier.
  • Your comments encourage others.
  • Your comments show us LOVE….

I thought after the heavy topics this week. We’d take it easy today. Please consider posting even a short comment when you read a post here. I appreciate the comments on Facebook and Twitter. But here I have the opportunity to return the love by responding.

I’m following my suggestion. I’m sharing this post with some wonderful bloggers:

Life in Bloom with Dana Pittman


Thoughtful Thursday Blog Hop with Dana Pittman

Now, I’m off to sip my tea and Show Some Love…


Question: Do you regularly comment on blog posts? Why or why not?

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