One of my best and dearst friends loves to tell stories. And not regular ole stories. But one that have you doubled over crying for relief.

When we get together she loves to tell the story about the first time she went walking with me.

Saturday's Sister to Sister: Story Tellin' by Dana Pittman


Now this story has been colored to include "the valley of the shadows of death", her insistants that I was "trying to kill her" and her "shouts of hallellujah" when we returned the car.

Now, I'll admit she didn't realize we'd walk six miles. **smile**

Nor was she a regular walker. I was betting on her storytaling and now…I've gone from the entertained to the source of your colorful tale.


A sister smiles when one tells one's stories – for she
knows where the decoration has been added. 

– Chris Montaigne


Question: What's your favorite sister story?

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