Shattered: Part 5 (A Short Story) [Day 27]

Shattered by Dana Pittman

Serafine gripped the steering wheel tightly, slowly rolling her hands back and forth. She was nervous. She ducked her head slightly to look up at the house. From the driveway she could see him waving at her from the front-door screen. Waving back, she reached for the door...

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He is Faithful

Day 26: He Is Faithful |

Have you ever had a moment when you were determined to encourage another and as the words exited you immediately knew it was meant for you to hear too? This happened to me today. As I see the end of the month nearing I’m excited but I realize...

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Presumptuous Sins

Day 24: Presumptuous Sins |

I am co-facilitating a small group. Our focus in on prayer. And during the introductory session we all agreed to: 1. Read the bible daily. 2. Memorize scripture. 3. Pray daily. I am doing these thing and spending a considerable amount of time preparing and praying for the...

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Against All Odds

Day 22: Against All Odds |

As I write this post I’m literally moving from project to project. I feel like this is a season of getting it–whatever tasks it may be–DONE. But with the high levels of output come expectancy. Expecting results. Expecting change. Expecting the fulfillment of the desires of our hearts. I...

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What’s in Your Heart?

Day 21: What's In Your Heart? |

What do you have stored up in your heart? I don’t know about you but I have enjoyed this month of focusing on specific passages. What I have found the most beneficial is writing the posts. There is something about writing my thoughts that gives me such clarity....

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