I have some favorite bible stories and the list has grown since reading the Bible in 90 Days. This week our chronological readers will encounter Daniel, Esther, Nehemiah, among others, as we near the New Testament.

Love's Timing by Dana Pittman


I love to ask questions. I can only imagine how I drove my mother crazy as a child. And my inquisitive nature fuels my interaction with others.

Today I ask you, Why are you here?

What do you have to contribute?

What are you uniquely gifted to share with the world?

Why do you find yourself sitting right now, in this space, thinking these thoughts?


For Such a Time As This

31 Days of Love has my entire being infiltrated by love. I thought I loved before…but boy oh boy was I wrong. I honestly am compelled to love more and more until I am transformed into the imagine of my Savior.

What about you?

Consider nothing a mistake, happenstance, a fluke.

Consider all encounters planned and intended to bring you to this place.

What should we eagerly anticipating from YOU?


* * * * * * * * * *

Monday Check-Ins

Bible in 90 Days with Dana Pittman (Fall 2012)

For my mentees Mondays post will be our check in posts. Let me know how things are going.

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This is Day 15 of a 31 Days of Love. Read all my posts. Learn more about 31 Days of…community. See you tomorrow.

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