Everybody likes a winner. Someone you can count on to bring home the trophy. Someone you can reach out to and they will do exactly what they say, the way they say it. But what if the very basis of this belief is flawed?

Tandem Series Confidence | Dayna Bickham and Dana Pittman

Most of my life I’ve been a go-to person. The person to answer a question, identifies a resource, develops a plan, and cheers you across the finish line. The more people sought my assistance the more my belief in my abilities increased.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing. I want people to trust me. I want to be trustworthy. But what happens when I buy into the hype? When I begin to trust myself more than I trust God? 

I imagine I am not alone in wanting to trust God more. I reckon you too want to have confidence in God and still have a winner’s life–a life where we have the tenacity to go after our dreams with fearlessness.

Hence this series.

My heart believes both can coexist. I can trust God wholeheartedly and trust my gifts and talents.

I can patiently await His provisions and diligently apply what I’ve learned to the tasks at hand.

Does this balance exist? If so, how?

Yesterday Dayna shared Three Things to Know About Confidence. If you missed it, head on over…and come back. 😉

Today I’d like to consider the “why” of this confidence thing. Why you should place your confidence in God?

Confidence is…

Confidence is when we feel or have awareness of one’s power or of reliance on one’s circumstances (link). We have faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way (link). Another site added full trust and reliability in a person (link).

How many times have you relied on your circumstances? What happened the last time you doubted a particular outcome because your circumstances looked bleak?

Confidence embodies aspects of “faith in God, certainty and assurance of one’s relationship with God “(link).


“But the person who trusts in the Lord will be blessed.
The Lord will show him that he can be trusted.”

– Jeremiah 17:7


God’s Track Record

To wrap our minds around confidence I need you to do me a favor. I don’t plan to ask often. I think this will be worth your time.

I’d like for you to do a little exercise….

1. Tools. Paper and pen.

2. Stroll Down Memory Lane. I need you to go down memory lane. Consider a time when your circumstances looked bleak. You lost your job. Your relationship was experiencing troubles. Your children were acting out.

Your stroll may differ but do this. You have to see God at work. Sometimes it’s easier to see things once you are on the other side of the trial.

3. Capture the Memory. Interrogate the memory. Yes, ask it a few questions. Why did it happen? How did you feel? What happened to change the circumstance? Who helped you? Was the outcome expected?

These are a few questions to get you started. Ask away if you have more.

4. Look for Him. Now for the hard question…can you see Him? God. Can you see Him in that situation? Find Him. He’s there, I know He is.

5. Record it. Now ask yourself, what did God do in that situation? How did they change? Did things seem awful then, but you see them as a blessing now?

Record this. This is just one instance of God’s Track Record. If you feel like you couldn’t find Him, search another memory.

You need these records.  I believe having these memories at your disposal will help you place your confidence where is should rightly be.


How would your life change if you trusted God implicitly? How would your relationships thrive? How would your dreams and goals appear?


Thus, today, I believe the “why” in our quest for confidence begins with trusting God. We should trust Him because He’s trustworthy. I further believe it is this trust that will give us an appropriate foundation and starting place for living our purpose.

Furthermore, I believe we have to live boldly, secure in our relationship with God, lacking fear and in total surrender to reap the full extent of the blessings promised us.


Question: How does considering God’s Track Record help you view your relationship with God?


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This tandem series on CONFIDENCE is a joint effort between Dana Pittman and Dayna Bickham. Both Dana and Dayna blog about life, grace, and God’s love and plan for you. To follow this series, visit here to learn more.

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