We are nearing the close of our second week. And almost halfway through this month. I pray this is a blessing to you all.

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Today is our Week 2 review. All of the references are linked. As a reminder, this is now catchup time for those of you you don’t have much time to read during the week.

I will post short posts over the weekend and resume with more principles and “Put It In Your Pocket” statements Monday.


  • Christians must commit to replacing old thinking with righteous thinking. [Day 10: Put Off. Put On.]
  • Christians are to make every effort to exercise complete control over one’s desires, actions, impulses and emotions. [Day 11: Self-Control]
  • Christian thinking requires observing, evaluating and concluding whether our thoughts are God honoring. And if they are not confess and adjust.  [Day 12: Logs Kindling]
  • The thoughts of mature Christians are guided by the Holy Spirit. [Day 13: Mind of Christ]

“Put It In Your Pocket”


Pull out your notes or index cards. How is it helping to carry around your thoughts in your head and your pocket?

I recommend writing out your response in a journal. Don’t journal? Go for a walk and take some time to think them through.

My Prayer

How can I pray for you?


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