The Pursuit of a Dream

...paving the way...

I’m sitting to write a blog post after months of endless writing but little blogging. I’ve been away actively pursuing my “right now” goals hoping to pave the way for my “heart’s desire” goals.

Don't Stop | 31 Days of Christian Thinking | Dana Pittman

I add the quotations because there is a huge difference.

I add the quotations to give my anxious heart understanding.

I add the quotations to ensure my strategic brain that this is part of the plan.

Right now is part of tomorrow.

I know tomorrow is not promised. But I can’t pretend that tomorrow does not require a set-up. I don’t want to hold tomorrow hostage. But I want to believe my commitment to yesterday and today are important.

As I blog I’m working on three books, my mind is swimming with fresh ideas, and my heart calls to the woman who also wants to pursue this life. Be it ministry, writing, entrepreneurship.

Dear sister, I have advice, tissues, hugs, and cautionary tales. I have long nights, empty Hot Tamales boxes, and stained coffee mugs.

Dear sister, I have stories of hope, and love, and stick-to-it-ness.

But most of all, I have me.

…to be continued…

Risk | Dana Pittman
Persistence | Dana Pittman

I have been silent on my blog and I apologize. I’m working diligently behind the scenes and I realize it’s time to give you a peek behind the curtain. Here’s is Episode 1 of my journey to Going Pro.

17 Before 2017

I recently shared in my newsletter my desired to share more about what I do in hopes of encouraging each of you to pursue your vision…your purpose.

17 Before 2017 | Dana Pittman

Today I want to give you a sneak peek. This is my 17 Before 2017 list. I actually started on my tasks last month. The point is to create a list of tasks you’d like to accomplish before the year expires. 

Setting Goals | Dana Pittman

Comfort Zones Are Misleading

Can I please, pretty please, have a moment of silence?

I am officially blogging again.

…And the crowd goes…YAY!!!

Don’t give me that look. 

It is hard sitting, staring at a blinking cursor. Your desk covered in ideas but none will render enough clarity to warrant a blog post.


Now that I got that out of the way… :o) I want you to consider comfort zones.

Comfort Zone | Dana Pittman

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