I’m in love.

I love the Word of God. I love Him too. But there is something about sitting at His feet and taking it all in. This is one of the reasons I serve as a mentor in the Bible in 90 Days challenge.

The first time I participated in the challenge a fire was ignited in my heart for reading the Word. That fire is now a full blaze and I hope it never extinguishes.


Why Are You Here by Dana Pittman



What does this have to do with The Gospel of Yes? Everything.

In this week’s chapters Mike Glenn explores God’s repeated “yes” through scripture. We ended with the “yes” of the cross.

I have always known the importance of the cross but it wasn’t until I participated in Secret Church that I really…really got it. In The Gospel of Yes, Pastor Mike shares his experience with a member and the member's attempt to “get it”.

What a lofty desire. But isn’t that what we all desire…to get it. To understand what life is all about. Why we are here? How our lives are to be now that we have encountered this wonderful man named Jesus?

“God is always looking for a way to get things back on track”. P. 51

My mind is filled with so much from these chapters. I honestly have no idea where I should start. I’d love to give you everything. However, we know there’s no fun in that. You would not have the wonderful gift of exploring this book and the concepts for yourself.

Thus, I will move to the next possible step after we have determined our yes and realized we may be frozen in fear.


Why Are You Here

Consider for yourself: Why are you here?

I’m not taking on the lofty task of life–the why are you here on earth, right now. But why are you reading this blog. This post. And for participants of Blogging Through the Book, why are you reading this book?

I submit the following: God is satisfying a need.

You may have had questions about the direction of your life.

You may be wondering what is next for you.

You may need to make a decision about saying “yes” to this walk with Christ.

I don’t know the specifics. But I know it is something.


Nail It Down

You have to identify it. Put your finger on it. Nail it down to the floor. Then exam it. Because once you do you my friend will be in business. You will have an opportunity to take your situation and examine it against the truth God is revealing.

I want you to know that the “yes” of Christ spoken on the cross covers whatever “no” you may have heard before. – p. 72


Pastor Mike shared how Jesus causes us to deal with stuff. And in so doing it frees us from being afraid.

Therefore, I ask again why are you here?

Be honest with yourself. Look around. Examine your circumstances. Revisit your prayers. Could this be Him leading you through your problem?  Could this be an end of you and the beginning of your “yes” in Him?


He must become greater; I must become less. John 3:30 (Read it.)


Question: Do you believe solutions present themselves once you’ve acknowledged your need for help? Share your comment below.


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