31 Days of Audacious Faith

Have you ever stumbled across a message that knocked your socks off?

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A message that caused you to stop in your tracks and wonder “why didn’t I consider this before?” or “better yet, why didn’t I think of that?”.

Not in an arrogant way but in a way which causes the author or orator to translate the very delicate desires of your heart.

This happened to me and I honestly believe my thinking shifted a bit.

The thought shook my foundation, ensuring its sturdiness for the restoration ahead.

The thought caused me to consider…

How will I dare to believe God for the impossible?

31 Days of…

Last year I joined over 1200 people blogging through October. My topic of choice: Love. This year I am looking forward to the month ahead as I chew on another awesome topic and take you along as my special guest on a wonderful journey of faith.

Last year I shared thoughts and concepts. This year I will share thoughts, my personal journey, quotes, struggles and everything in between. I expect it to be challenging, exciting, and heart-clinching as I leap into the unknown.

31 Days of Audacious Faith with Dana Pittman

…Audacious Faith

I will add all the posts in the series to this page. The posts will run from September 30 – October 31, 2013. Which means we’ll actually have 32 posts…but whose counting. 😉

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Introduction: 31 Days of Audacious Faith (You’re here.)

Day 1: Show Doubt the Door

Day 2: Take the First Step

Day 3: How Did I Get Here?

Day 4: My Journey to SCORRE Conference

Day 5: God is God

Day 6: She rested… 🙂

Day 7: Light Shines Through Darkness

Day 8: Made to Last

Day 9 & 10: No post.

Day 11: Shift in Plans


Are there any areas of “faith” you’d like to read about this month? Please share in the comment section.

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