Sisters\' Circle | Get Right Girl | Dana Pittman

Sisters' Circle (May 2014)

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Insulting God

... “If the size of your vision is not intimidating to you there’s a good chance that it’s insulting to God.” – Steven Furtick ...

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Moms Summer Camp | Camp Allen | Dana Pittman

Moms Summer Camp 2014

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Your Spiritual Midwife

Read the Bible by Dana Pittman

Life’s Answers in 90 Days

Do you believe that everything we need to know is found in the bible? At one time my answer would …

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Real Questions Christ-Centered Answers |

Real Life Questions Seeking Christ-Centered Answers

Dear Curious Reader, Have you wondered, “When is Dana going to update this blog?” No, yes, maybe… If you have, …

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Faith Demands - Dana Pittman

Faith Demands

  Faith demands that at some point you must jump. We can dance around it. We can wait for the …

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