Sisters' Circle | Get Right Girl | Dana Pittman

Sisters' Circle (May 2014)

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Insulting God

... “If the size of your vision is not intimidating to you there’s a good chance that it’s insulting to God.” – Steven Furtick ...

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Moms Summer Camp | Camp Allen | Dana Pittman

Moms Summer Camp 2014

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Faith Demands - Dana Pittman

Faith Demands

  Faith demands that at some point you must jump. We can dance around it. We can wait for the …

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Believe by Dana Pittman

Believe: Out with the Old, In with the New

Have you ever felt like your life was crumbling around you? Like if you took a single solitary inch it …

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What Gives You Life - Dana Pittman

What Gives You Life?

My silence has lingered longer than expected. But in my absence I birthed my dream. I feel excited, scared, vulnerable, …

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